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The Global School of Ministry is birthed, by the providence of God, to be the arrow head for raising a generation of ministers of the gospel whose singular passion will be restoration of His glory on earth. These are men and women who will allow the Holy Spirit to work out the character of Christ in them first and with proper understanding of their mandate as Kingdom citizens and Ambassadors, release them with the anointing to  minister to God, His saints and society.

The Global School of Ministry aligns with International Ministers Fellowship and Arise Metropolitan Communion of Kingdom Ministries to deliver the agenda of God for reformation of His Church; Restoration of The Lordship of Jesus working through the Holy Spirit and the five fold for our perfection. This leads to sustainable Revival of saints to relate intimately with Abba and passionately preach Jesus and the Kingdom ahead of His return. Ministerial credentials and Ordinations are made available to products of the Global School of Ministry in association with International Ministers Fellowship and Arise Metropolitan Communion of Kingdom Ministries. Please connect with International Ministers Fellowship today, free of charge.

Apostle George.jpg

Apostle George

And Pastor Grace


President International Minister

Felloship (IMF)/Global School of Ministry


The Next Conference

OCT/NOV 2020


Lagos - Ibadan - Sagamu - Akure - Ore - Benin - Asaba - Enugu - Ebonyi - Benue

Apostle Sunday Iyi

Dean of Student Global School of Ministry

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All participants will be encouraged to discipline themselves to receive with meekness the body of knowledge described in this curriculum. It will equip them to be able ministers of the New Testament in whatever area of life God and environment has called them to be.


Basic Courses: The curriculum is divided into basic and advanced courses. The basic courses are foundational Christian doctrines and principles of The Kingdom of God, based entirely on the bible. The basic courses are divided into five modules. The five modules are listed below. The advanced courses will be presented in a separate section.

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