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Reaching out to the Community with Love, Sharing, and Care.


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‘TRASS’ is a charity organisation that provides support to individuals over 18 years, who may need support with achieving their desired goals.

TRASS offers counselling services to those who may be going through emotional distress or bereavement. We also provide free computer training for I.T beginners. Our drop-in centre is open to everyone to take part in a wide range of exciting activities such as snooker, table tennis. We also have a computer lab available for service user to access job, print out application and do on-line research.

TRASS can offer advice and guidance on following needs

  • Housing

  • Homelessness

  • Welfare benefits

  • Immigration

  • Debt

  • Education/training/employment

  • Alcohol/drug misuse

As a religious organisation with a mission to reach, teach and advance the Christian faith and help the local community with a focus on unemployment, homelessness and anti-social behaviour, fighting hunger and food poverty. Our organisation works in Ivory Coast, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ghana and Nigeria and has UK offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Coventry
The Redeemed Assemblies Trust also provides educational courses from certified instructors and CV training, helping the community improve their skills and opportunities. For over 5 years, our organisation has operated a foodbank in Peckham which has expanded through a partnership with: Tesco Plc, Fareshare, In Kind Direct and The People's Partner

Tesco PLC: trading as Tesco is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer with headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK.


Fareshare: FareShare is a UK charity aimed at relieving food poverty and reducing food waste in the
UK. It does this by rescuing good quality surplus food that would otherwise have gone to waste and
sending it to almost 11,000 charity and community groups across the United Kingdom.


In Kind Direct. In Kind Direct is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1996 by the Prince of
Wales. The charity distributes new donated usable consumer goods from manufacturers and retailers
to UK charities working both domestically and abroad. The Prince of Wales is In Kind Direct Royal
founding patron

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THE PEOPLE’S PARTNER is a HR and coaching consultancy committed to helping organisations create environments where talent really thrives, true potential is realised and business results are achieved.

We believe that supporting employees to develop their careers and having the correct tools in place in an ever- changing organisational landscape is what ultimately drives long-term business success.







Our organisation receives regular supply of essentials such as toothpaste, soaps, anti-bacterial handwash, sanitary products toilet rolls, cereals, confectioneries, rice, pasta, pulses, savoury snacks, crisps, soft drinks, tinned fruit peaches, vegetables, dairy—yoghurts, cakes, meats, chickens, bacons, sausages etc from these partner companies and distribute them to the community absolutely free.


When someone can’t afford to maintain basic personal hygiene, this can have dramatic consequences on one’s self-esteem, access to work and other issues in the society.


We are aiming and working hard to change that by distributing items like antibacterial handwash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, shower gels, toilet rolls, anti-perspirant deodorant, shower creams, daily care moisturising lotion etc free of charge to local community residents.


We also operate a daily breakfast club providing short-term emergency food support.

Our organisation operates within the charity sector by providing  social and community services, cultural and recreational services and offering religious activities


What we DO:


We provide IT training and develop free of charge. Contact us

Welfare Advice

We direct and advice people on where to go for welfare benefit.

If you are unsure of  what benefit you are entitled to or don’t know how to make a claim, please get in touch.  Our staff can offer help with benefit enquiry and can assist  with benefit claims and application support.

Also we our useful click Southwark Social benefit

What is Income Support

Income Support helps people who do not have enough to live on. It is only available for certain groups of people who do not get Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance and are not in full time employment.

The actual amount you get depends on your circumstances. Income support is a means-tested benefit which means entitlement is based on your income and savings and other capital, which will be looked at to see if they are low enough for you to qualify.

Income Support can be paid on its own if you have no other income or can top-up other benefits or part time earnings to the basic amount the law says you need to live on.

CV  Clinic

Another project in 2016 was based around training and help with CVs and application form.  The course proved successful that by 2017 they had trained over a 250 people and seen over 100 clients find employment.  We help people in the skills they need to find and hold down a job or a vocational course, build up their self-confidence, and then continue to support them once they finish.

In the era of social media, LinkedIN and online portfolios, CVs can seem outdated. But, whether you’re seeking new opportunities through networking, or traditionally through hiring managers and recruiters, the 2 page document is still a key tool to get you an interview.

Full Breakfast Service

We offer full breakfast service free of charge at our premises  from 10.00am – 12.00 noon. You are welcome.

Once at the full breakfast, you will be met by trained volunteers who will sit down with you to discuss your situation and provide a food parcel. Volunteers meet clients over a warm drink or free hot meal and are able to signpost people to agencies able to solve the longer-term problem.

TRASS breakfast club is designed to provide short-term, emergency support with food during a crisis. Their aim is to relieve the immediate pressure of the crisis by providing food, whilst also offering solutions to help identify and resolve the underlying causes of the crisis.

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